Collins Collections


Scott Kerr, KE1RR is the current President of the CCA. I have been collecting Collins for the last five years, starting with a 30L-1 and then a KWM-2. The M-2 lasted for five minutes of glorious sound and then let all of its magic smoke out. It was this incident that lead me to the CCA seeking help finding replacement parts and then help getting it back on the air. Since then I have fallen down the slippery slope of collecting. Currently I reside in Rockwall, Texas and am limited on my choices of antenna’s. The house is for sale and I plan on moving farther out to give me room to display my collection and put a beam up on a tower.




test bench


20V-2, KWS-1, 75A-4, 32V, 75A-1, 75A-2, 75A-3, 51J-4, 30K-5, 204F-1, 75S-3, 75S-2, 75S-1, 32S-1, 32S-2, 32S-3 213V-4, KWM-2, 312B-5, 516F-2, KWM-380, 30L-1, 30S-1