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Bill Carns, N7OTQ, is the past president of the CCA and a founding board member since 1994. He has been involved in amateur radio since 1954. He has been collecting Collins since 1985 when the “bug bit”. – HARD. Having been exposed to an “absolutely amazing” set of Gold Dust Twins while in university, of course this was his first Collins Radio acquisition. Bill is passionate about preserving, and telling the story of, the ethic and talents that founded and fostered the success of Collins Radio and now Rockwell Collins. Stories and more information can be found on his website at His collection and presentation attempts to tell the story of a wonderful group of people – starting with Arthur Collins – that are responsible for many of the strategic successes in our country’s history. He is still holding down the fort as the Editor and publisher of the CCA Signal Magazine, and will continue to support this exciting hobby of Collins collecting. He also is the trustee and president of the Mogollon Rim Collins Collecting Club (MRCCC – K0CXX) and a founder of the Collins Radio Heritage Group, an alliance of the CCA and the AWA. See K0CXX,org and . . . He hopes that you will share your story and your collections for other to enjoy and learn from. My thanks to Rudy Kerl, K2MVW, my good friend and Collins mentor.

1 Comm Central SW1 The Tube Story2 10B Prototype3 10K Exciter4 Rare 18M TCH5 32F & RME-95 32RA & 51F Operating6 30K-5 Bruene Overview9 R-390 & 310C-2 Exciter10 32RS-111 32V-1 & 75A-112AM Room Intro14 AM Studio Trans Bay15 Buck's Board & R-388_51S-117 Buck's Studio TT40018 20V-2 160m19 20V-3 75m20 Collins Commercial Avionics22 Gene's Desk23 Gene's 30L-124 Gene's Stuff25 KWM-1 E10 Proto26 312B-228 GDT & A-Line Speaker29 KWS-130 KWS-1K31 Space Record Story32S-Line Family Tree33 SSB Crew34 399C-1 PTO34 S-2 Line OP 235 S-3 Line36 75S-3C Receiver37 62S-138 KWM-2A & 30S-139 Transceiver Display41 204 F & H open43 718U Operating46 HF-8048 Mechanical Test 149 Electrical Test 150 Electrical Test 252 Parts Department54 Arthur A Collins55 Gene & Mary Senti56 Warren & Mildred57 Dennis Day58 Rod Blocksome59 Bud's Bench60 Real Collins Comm Central61 Welcome Anytime

10B 10K 18M 32F 212Z-1 R-390 310C-2 310B-2 30K-5 32RS-1 32RS-1(AM) 32V-1 75A-1 75A-2 242F-2 51N-2 51N-4 51F-1 312B-1 312B-2 312B-3 312B-4 312B-5 KWM-1 KWM-1Proto 30L-1 516F-1 516F-2 KWS-1 75A-4 KWS-1K 271B-3 62S-1 75S-1 75S-2 75S-3 75S-3A 75S-3B 75S-3C 32S-1 32S-2 32S-3 399C-1 KWM-2 KWM-2A KWM-380 HF-282 30S-1 2-V-2 20V-3 TT400 Cart Machine Cart Control HF-8014A HF-8054A Grid C23082 (Control Monitor TSC-60(V)) HF-8064B HF-8023 HF-8032 MM-280 MM-1 MM-2 MM-81 SM-1 SM-2 SM-3 204F-1 204H-1 618F-1 671U-4A 718U 51S-1 55G-1 302C-1 302C-3(Square) 302C-3242F-9 32RA 51M-8 51M-10 R-388 O-243A PP-454D 26U-1 180S-1 ARR-15 ARR-41 ATC ART-13 DY-17A

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